Today was our last day in Italy.  We began by taking a ferry to Venice, and once we got there we explored the side streets and came across several churches.  They held many baroque style paintings and they were very gorgeous.  We then walked to Saint Mark's Square, and we were able to walk through Saint Mark's Basilica.  We all marveled at all the golden mosaics on the ceilings, floors, and walls.  Even though we could only do a quick walk through the Basilica, it was a wonderful experience that we thoroughly enjoyed.  
     Once we left Saint Mark's Square, we went to lunch, and then walked to another church. However, it was closed, so we could only observe the wonderful exterior.  After that, part of the group went on a gondola ride they will never forget, and almost everyone enjoyed their time.  Those of us who did not, explored the quaint streets, went up Saint Mark's Square bell tower to observe the gorgeous islands and water, and were able to do a little shopping.  
     The rest of the day we split into groups and did various activities, such as buying Venetian glass, photographing the canals, and eating calzones.  We then had dinner at a lovely family style  restaurant, with as much dessert as the main meal.  
     To close up the day we rode the ferry back to the mainland, received our "personality awards," and reminisced about our amazing trip to Italy.
Written by Hope & Katrina


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