Flight & Rome, Day 1

     We began our exciting adventure on a plane ride to Rome! During our travel endeavors we got to know eachother better, sharing things about ourselves. We preoccupied ourselves with complimentary movies. None of us were able to sleep. Due to our lack of sleep we were exhausted before the trip even began.
We took pictures while enjoying the scenery on the way to our hotel. After we settled in our rooms, we got ready to embark on our first adventure in Rome. Taking the metro was a learning experince. Our first challenge was getting organized and realizing the importance of sticking together. The first stop we made was at the Trevi fountain. We were all surpised by the recontruction going on at this time. Dispite all the scaffolding, we were still able experince the beauty. After admiring the sculptures, we treated ourselves to gelato.
While on our way to the Pantheon we stopped and checked out many churches on the way. We were in awe of the beautiful ardornate details that were inside them. The churches were overwhelmingly beautiful and unique. Then we decided to journey to the Patheon. The Patheon was one of the hightlights of the evenings with the momumnetous dome. The Piazza Novona was next on our list. The Piazza Novona was surpisingly vast with the beautful fountains and the main church. It became a perfect time to mingle with the other travelers and explore the rich Baroque archetectural designs.
  The Spainish Steps were delightful to visist after the long tour around Rome. The flowers on the step were lovely and attracted other tourists to this special spot. After taking the trek of climing the steps, we were able to oggle at the magnificant views of the city. Leaving Rome, we headed back to the hotel to rest up for our next quest tommorrow.
~Written by Hope, Tyler, & Lily N


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