Assisi & Wine Tasting

      Today we were taken away from the busyness of Rome into the peaceful city of Assisi. We embarked on a new experince: wine tasting. On quaint little vineyard, a charming man and his wife informed us of the work of harvesting grapes to make wine. They did this while trying to overcome the difficult language barrier. Through this experience, we learned how to properly smell, taste, and savor wine while exploring the beautiful countryside and vineyard. 
      Our next stop was at the beautiful bacilica of St. Francis. The bacilica is a very holy place, and meant for worship therefore we were unable to take pictures. Shortly afterwards, we broke off into groups, some went searching for treasures, some seeking for higher views of the city. During  this time, a festival was taking place. We were drawn to the cheerful men, women and children running about in their decorated costumes. Assisi was a very much enjoyed and memorable addition to the trip. 


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