Pisa & Florence, Day 1

After a yummy breakfast at our hotel, we started Day 6 with a drive into downtown Pisa. The Leaning Tower of Pisa was beautiful! We first explored Pisa's baptistery, which was beautiful and full of echos. After that, we all climbed the tower! As we got higher and higher we could feel the steps slanting. The view from the top was beautiful! We could see all of Pisa. After that, we walked through Pisa's cathedral, and then visited the Camposanto, a quiet, serene cemetery filled with famous artworks and sculptures. Then, we all split up and grabbed some lunch before we headed back to the bus. We were on our way to Florence!
    A 90 minute drive later, we reached Florence and filed out of the bus. First we visited the Academia, where we saw Michelangelo's famous David and many other artworks and sculptures. After that, we walked through beautiful Florence to a gelato store with 50 flavors! After that delicious treat, we split up. Some of us shopped while some of us took a horse-drawn carriage ride through Florence's streets. After a couple more hours of exploring and buying souvenirs, we met back up and headed to the bus, and then drove to the Michelangelo Plaza, a beautiful plaza overlooking all of Florence and its surrounding mountains. It was breathtaking! Then, we drove to the hotel where we dropped off our bags, and then headed to dinner. It was great end to a great day! 
Written by Ike & Katie


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