Vatican City & Rome, Day 2

        So after getting up at 6:00 in the morning, we went to the Vatican Museum. We walked in and saw loads and loads of paintings. The tapestries were fabulous, and the sculptures were amazing, but the Sistine Chapel was definitely the highlight of Vatican city. The most surprising thing about the Sistine Chapel was the size (all of us expected it to be smaller than it was), and even though we weren't allowed to take pictures we still had an amazing time finally seeing Michelangelo's frescoes.
St. Peter's Basilica was next on the list and by then most of our feet were numb so more walking didn't sound too bad. The tour guide who brought us through the Vatican Museum also took us through St. Peter's Basilica, and complemented us students on our cultural literacy and attentiveness (good job Prof Cher). The majority of the group decided to trek up to the top of the dome and witnessed one of the most breath-taking vistas we'd ever seen. We took pictures, ate gelato, saw a bunch of Japanese people, and decided that the line to the women's bathroom was just not worth it. But overall, the Basilica was fantastic.
After a lunch break and gift shop run, we had an hour and a half to wander around the "central park" of Rome. The statues and the benches were a nice little refuge from the heat. While some of us just sat around, a small group of us travelled to a little pond in the middle of the park to experience the scenery. So after the whole day we made it back to the hotel and ate dinner with grateful heart. This marks the end of our second day in Rome (which is pretty stinkin' awesome).
~Written by Rachel, Sophie, & Ike


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