Ancient Rome

Day Three in Rome started with the Ecstasy of St. Teresa in Cornaro Chapel. Sadly the base was behind bars (scaffolding) making it impossible to take a good picture, but we could experience the statue so it ended up working out. The next stop was the Pietro Vincoli in which Michelangelo's statue of Moses resides. Normally you would have to pay a euro to illuminate the statue but the sunlight saved us from that sad fate. 
The Colosseum was a favorite for most of us. All of us had seen photos of the Colosseum since we were young, and finally we were face to face with it. We were in awe of the massiveness of the great historical monument. It was inspiring to be inside such an ancient building that had been visited by many historical figures. After exploring the Colosseum and observing its great details, we saw Constantine's arch which resides beside the Colosseum. 
The Roman Forum was also a top favorite among the group. It consists of many ancient ruins, especially columns. The famous arches, the arches of Constantine, Titus, and Septimus Severus, also stand proud in the forum. The end of the forum brought us to the "Wedding Cake" (also known as Capitoline Hill). On this hill we saw Marcus Aurelius (the statue of course, not him) on his horse. The hike up to the "Wedding Cake" made us really, really hungry so we went to get dinner at a restaurant whose name starts with an "L". The food was authentic as was the service and our waiter was the cutest little man ever. 
After night pictures and some (ahem) "detours" we made it back to our hotel safely and with few regrets.


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