Day 3: Museum Marathon Day

Hi everybody!!

  We had a nice later start to the day, beginning at the Metropolitan Museum of Art - known by art lovers as The Met.  We walked around and saw various eras of art from different "realms" of the world. Some highlights were more Waterlilies by Monet, the famous self portrait of Van Gogh, and the ballet dancer sculpture by Edger Degas.  There were many more, but of we were to mention all of might leave, and we don't want that.

We then walked over to the Guggenheim, mostly to see the architecture of the futuristic building that houses the art. It's very unique because all of the art work is on the walls of a continuous spiral that declines. Some of us went to the Futurist Theater, which was a light show synchronized with classical music, more specifically Fireworks, by Igor Stravinsky.  The light show was a calming experience compared with the art showcased in the museum itself. We all arrived at the conclusion that the best part of the museum was the actual building.

Guggenheim Interior
Next came flex time! Flex time is our time to work in activities that aren't on the schedule. Cher went to the Frick Museum, a private collection of great artist's works (Vermeer, for example) and other 18th century European art. In case for the curious reader, Frick was a wealthy friend of Carnegie, which is probably why this collection bears his name. The rest of decided to get "lost" in Central Park before exploring the Museum of Natural History. Here, lost may or may not be defined as slightly over walking our turn street. This Museum was a blast because it was ginormous, made you feel like a little kid, and had oodles of showcases displaying wildlife, agriculture, environments, and many minerals (think giant amethyst and chemical structural breakdowns).

Dinosaur at the Museum of Natural History
By the time we rejoined our troops, everyone had depleted our food supply and were in great need of refreshment. We had an excellent scout who found a delicious and pleasant Chinese restaurant, and we trekked back home after we ate our fill. It's raining in NYC!

Walking Stats: 8.4 MILES


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