2014 YEAH Tours Traveler Awards

As tradition will have it, the awards listed were bestowed upon travelers by Lindsay and Amy. It was ceremonious, and unceremonious; a time of togetherness enjoyed by all.

Derek: The ‘3rd Wiering’ Award

Ike: The 2nd Breakfast Award

Christian: The Inquisitive Mind Award

Kristof: The Repartee Award

Teresa: The Mile-a-Minute Award

Brittany: The SIW (Strong Independent Woman) Award

V: The Lacey Socks Award

Olivia: The Secret Sass Award

Elleanna: The Greenwich Village Award

Alex: The Savvy Subway Award

Maria: The Natural New Yorker Award

Megan: The Positive Attitude Award

All awards were 'bestowed' after dinner at the Brazilian Steakhouse, which many relished.
Of course green means go!


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