Day 2: June

Today, we focused on exploring and familiarizing ourselves better with the subway system. Well, not really, but somewhat. We started the day with an authentic and reliable cup of Starbucks Coffee, and then ventured to the Museum of Modern Art, (the MoMA). This museum is home to many famous paintings, and was a highlight where many favorites such as, Starry Night, Water Lilies, Piet Mondrain, and other interesting, and experimental modern pieces were viewed. This museum was a workout for the eyes, and by the end of the tour we had quite the appetite (our stomachs, not eyes...).

Times Square was the route we took for lunch at a hip and cool McDonald's. Vibrant and busy, Times Square met our expectations for the NYC culture we had all been anticipating, while also exceeding many expectations.

After finishing lunch we took the subway a few blocks north to Carnegie Hall. While awaiting our tour time, we ventured over to Central Park, which was quite the contrast from the picturesque, nature filled Central Park of yesterday. Kids played in a concrete, Soviet-esque playground. We were distracted by the sights and needed to rush of to our visit of Carnegie Hall. This establishment built nearly a century ago was absolutely stunning, even more so was our cute and adorable tour guide, June. She told us many inside, unique stories of various performances, where the best sits were, and even how to change the light bulbs. As fun as the tour was, the elevator was a bit daunting. “The oldest, and slowest in the world!” as June so kindly informed us. June is a retired ABT (American Ballet Theatre) company member and retired classical ballet instructor of 35 years, not to mention the best guide we could have hoped for.

Madame Tussaud’s was next on the list, where we posed with celebrities, athletes, politicians, and our very own Derek. One of the more tourist-y spots of the day, and the most deceiving (wax sculptures are very realistic). After avoiding in hour wait at Ellen's Stardust Diner, we ended up at Astro's Cafe. We enjoyed burgers, salads, pasta, and other delicious bites and were ready for dessert at Dylan's Candy Bar. This was every candy lovers dream, bright rows and pounds of yummy treats, and many favorite candies.

A successful and insightful day two, that ended on a sweet note. We took in a lot of sights, and enjoyed many aspects that make New York a fun and unique city and were definitely ready to conclude day two.

Olivia and Danny Kaye

Too Much
Teresa: "I look so white."
Central Park

Walking Stats: 8.0 MILES


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